Touch me and disclose the Future.

Work centers for the construction of top sinks and kitchens in marble and furniture in glass.


  • Contouring and Polishing strategies
  • Drilling
  • Suction cups, backstops and clamps positioning
  • Using optical systems for images projection
  • Pantographs and waterjet functions
Lavorazione marmo Pietra Vetro

Machining marble, stone,
granite, lapide and technical materials

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Taglio lamiera e lastre

Metal sheet and slab

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Touch Ambient

Common to all configurations is the TouchDrive Environment for mounting on operator panel. This includes a wide range of features that allow you to definitively change the approach to the use of any operating machine. TouchDrive is designed for true, simplified and optimized interactivity for an easy and intuitive use.

HMI Operator Interface

t has been designed to be as intuitive and immediate as possible. TouchDrive is based on "pages" organized in a tree that guides step by step to the realization of the work. The interface is always extremely "clean", designed to have the smallest possible amount of commands.

Smart Support Tools

There are some tools that appear in context (where they need), translucent on the screen. These allow you to perform operations simply by moving your finger on the panel. One of these is the "slider" that appears on the board for zooming, pan.

Another of these tools is the "joystick" that manages the positioning, displacement / rotation of the parts.
Finally, the "pins" allow you to select particular points on the piece profiles.

Bilingualism and Unity of Measure

The program has been designed taking into account the problems of using non-western alphabets. In fact, all messages, help and menus can be set to have a main language and an alternate always visible at the same time. In addition, the program can operate with any metric or inches or other units of measurement.

Lavorazioni Touchdrive Lavorazioni Touchdrive

CNC Integration

TouchDrive has been designed to interact with numeric controls lightly and aimed at the functionality actually needed

compare versions
Camera management and slab definition by imageO-OO
Simple cutsX---
Many figures machiningX-XX
Format files DWG, PNT, PLT , EPS, PDFXXXX
Automatic nestingO-OO
Arch cutting with vertical discX---
Advanced disc profilingO---
5 axis internal arcs cuttingX---
Manual cuts and openingsX---
Miters cuts and V cutsX-OO
Manipulator and suction cups / Auto opening cutsO---
Corners finishing / Drilling cyclesO---
Contouring - single toolOX--
Contouring – tools sequences-X--
Backstops and Suction cups-X--
Drilling cyclesXX--
Projector of shapesOOOO
Manual cutting of shapes--XX
Basic manual cutting--XX
Automatic cutting FULL Option--OO
Dynamic cutting for 4/5 axis machines--O-
Chamfered slabs--OO
V cuts--OO
Slab definition from measures or machine quoteXXXX
Single figure machiningXXXX
Parametric libraryXXXX
Taglio file ( TAG ) and DXFXXXX
Semi automatic nestingX-XX