Touch me and disclose the Future.

Once again
Taglio Software House redefines the world of CAD CAM introducing the family of products
Touch Drive.

Common to all configurations is the TouchDrive Environment for mounting on operator panel. This includes a wide range of features that allow you to definitively change the approach to the use of any operating machine.

TouchDrive is designed for true, simplified and optimized interactivity for an easy and intuitive use.

Dedicated to the installation on the operator panels of Numerical Controls, they bring the power and the comprehensive functions of the classic WorkStation CAMs directly on the machine with the ease of fingertip control.

Touch Drive uses the know-how gained over thirty years of experience in the machining based on Numerical Controls to make “easy” the use of automatic machines.
The use experience is entirely new and different from the classic approach of a traditional CAM.

The real time dialogue with the machine allows to program the machining operations starting from the current state of the part in the machine. The use of recording tools such as videocameras allows an immediate feedback on the effects of the current programming, avoiding possible issues.

The extreme simplicity of use is achieved through the implementation of adaptive decision-making engines. These determine automatically the best conditions to carry out the operations. No long list of parameters is required, unless the operator wants it.

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Hardware Requirements

Recommended configuration:

    • Processor Intel® Core i5
    • 3 GB RAM
    • 2 GB of free space on Hard Disk
    • Graphic card with dedicated RAM

The choice of hardware is not binding, but the performance of the software are closely related. Therefore please check the usability of the product on different hardware than indicated.

Application Areas

The TouchDrive product has been developed to support various types of automatic machines controlled by numerical controls. The application areas are multiple and related to the materials to be treated.

To cover the needs of each of these, three main areas have been identified. Others can be assimilated, others can be managed in the future.

Lavorazione marmo Pietra Vetro

Machining marble, stone,
granite, lapide and technical materials

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Taglio lastre

Metal sheet and slab

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Taglio marmo

Marble and glass

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Nothing is more evident than the images that we show you to understand the conceptual difference between an operator panel and the equivalent

Developed taking into account the skill levels of the machine operators of the different geographical markets, it makes accessible the use of technologies that currently require specialized staff.

The simplicity and immediacy of use combined with the constant presence of on screen Help pages dramatically lowers the time and cost of installation and training.

Even the tasks of Preparation for the work of the machine have been made immediate using the powerful functions of automatic calibration.


Touchdrive Versions


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Work centers

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Water jet

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