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Metal sheet and slabs cutting

In the metal sheet cutting sector, different types of pantographs can be piloted. TouchDrive also offers a great deal of sophisticated tools for CAM positioning machining, including automatic nesting, and application of specific cutting technologies.
The architecture allows to offer to the end – user machines with a very simple but very powerful CAM, able to perform very sophisticated machining.
Thanks to the ability to load not only the classic G-CODE ISO file, but also directly the technological files produced by the CAM programs of the office, there are possibilities for local editing of the cutting paths also very significant. Small adaptations are possible such as positioning pieces, moving points of attachment, eliminating pieces etc. It is possible to insert new pieces on the fly to complete the slabs, as well as to completely rework the slab with new placements and new cutting technologies.
The direct connection with the Numerical Control allows for a higher degree of flexibility in the handling of machining. Thanks to the knowledge of the position of the cutting head in the machine, it is possible to use the cut-off functions of interrupted cuts in an extremely simple and intuitive way simply by placing it as near as possible to the breakpoint

Workable Materials

  • Stainless steel
  • Iron
  • Marble, granite, natural stones
  • Technical materials, quartzite, ceramics
  • Composites, carbon fiber, Kevlar
  • Plastic, plexiglass, polycarbonate
  • Glass
  • Wood

Types of Machines that can be piloted

  • Plasma
    • Three to five-axle crawler cutters
    • Combi plasma – oxycut
    • Combi plasma – waterjet
    • Single spindle or tool change management
  • Laser
    • Laser machines for flat planes with three axis
    • Machines supporting jump-frog, fly-cut strategy
  • Water jet
    • Three to five axes for chamfer cuts and for free cuts
    • Multihead machines with fixed pitch or variable pitch with optimization for joint cuts
    • Multiportal machines on the same cutting area
    • Combine waterjet – plasma
    • Single spindle or tool change management
  • Ossitaglio
    • Three-axis machines
    • Multihead machines with fixed pitch or variable pitch
    • Single spindle or tool change management
    • Combined plasma – oxycut

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